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Precious people of God, please understand that for someone to be triumphant in the field of spiritual warfare, they must first gain an eternal vigilance of who and where the enemy has launched his weapon...
08/26/2016, 12:38
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The Miracle That Flows From A Converted Tongue

Definitely the secrets of a man's heart will manifest through the conversation of his mouth, therefore let us be mindful of the words that we are speaking...

12/28/2015, 13:35
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The Trumpet Sound of Jubilee

Christmas bells are ringing and they are sounding the celebration ofthe season,and the birth of Christ.Certainly, this special occasion reminded me of the...

12/17/2015, 21:12
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Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of San Bernardino, California

   We are living in times when evil seems to be rearing its ugly head far too frequently, and lives are constantly being destroyed.  The...

01/02/2015, 18:32
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Freedom is Life and Life is Freedom

Life Is Freedom And Freedom Is Life We are concerned about people’s freedom and liberty, spiritually and naturally. Millions of people are about to enter...

01/01/2015, 02:08
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Unity is Strength

Unity is defined as a state of oneness. Unity is joining together as one for a cause. It is essential for us to practice in order to...

05/29/2014, 16:50
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Weekly Devotionals

To all my Facebook friends and family around the world, as you move into 2016, may the Angel of the Lord appear unto you, and lead you to the fountain of...

12/31/2015, 16:15
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Get Into The Light


Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Basil Anderson Email: Website:   Anderson Enlightens Readers to their Potential in God’s Hands...
10/05/2014, 16:05
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