Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of San Bernardino, California

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   We are living in times when evil seems to be rearing its ugly head far too frequently, and lives are constantly being destroyed.  The uncertainty that was evidently displayed yesterday, shows how vulnerable we become when we do not have God to guide us in our daily lives.  

   We are praying that God will strengthen the families whose lives have been ravaged and their loved ones have been torn away from them.  We pray for guidance in the days that follow, so that they will be able to go on.  We want the families to know that they are not alone, and we send our sympathy to them.  

   For the wounded, we know that you are not just wounded physically, but emotionally as well and we pray that God will heal you speedily, both mentally and physically.   We pray that you all will find comfort, peace, help and healing during this their greatest hour of need.

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